Sex Work

…free contract/autonomous action, subordinated labor, subordinated sex, and sexual pluralism, which roughly correspond to the commonly distinguished approaches of liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, and sex radicalism. It should be no surprise that the lines between these approaches are blurry at best, and more than one may be present in the writings of a single critic


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Through different theoretical frameworks, sex work can be a subjugation, a means for autonomy, a movement, progressive, or backwards. 

To compare different perspectives I relied primarily on theories by Noah Zatz who critiques several approaches to sex work including liberal and radical methods. Secondarily, in the case of the liberal perspective I looked at grassroots sources, being sex workers themselves; and in regard to the radical approach I look to Andrea Dworkin for her notoriety on the subject.

Liberal Feminist Perspective

Radical Feminist Perspective