Conflicting Feminist Perspectives

This project began as an interest in the anti-feminist movement. What did they think they were fighting against? What did they think they were fighting for? Cringing my way through MRA forums and Reddit streams, I found people fighting back. “Google feminist” one reply read. And then I thought: is there a working definition that we can all agree on? This is because like all theoretical lenses, there are diversities – contradictions even – between beliefs, perspectives, and priorities.

This website aims to showcase some of the many diversities within feminist thought both across different perspectives, but also often the change within a school of feminism as it evolves. I will be comparing two to three schools of thought per subject and examine the differences and similarities in beliefs, perspectives, and priorities. The intent is to have a living site with contributions from those who visit. I invite those who identity as feminists and those who do not.

Research methods:

Categorizing is not a complete science, and while I have different thoughts neatly distinguished from each other, this is not how the exist in reality. In choosing which sources to put into which school of thought I used several methods: firstly to go off of the school that the author is notably associated with, secondly to note when others critiqued the work of an author and named their school of thought, thirdly by comparing the theory presented with other reading that is marked as being from a school of thought.

Sources: Links will be kept as such, while offline sources will be noted by MLA citations

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Sex Work –  Home Page

  • Zatz, Noah D. “Sex work/sex act: Law, labor, and desire in constructions of prostitution.” Signs (1997): 277-308.
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Sex Work – Liberal Feminist Perspective:

  • Mendus, Susan, et al. Mill’s The Subjection of Women: Critical Essays. Ed. Maria H. Morales. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005.
  • Zatz, Noah D. “Sex work/sex act: Law, labor, and desire in constructions of prostitution.” Signs (1997): 277-308.
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  • video: Youtube. channel: Lacigreen

Sex Work – Radical Feminist Perpective:

  • Zatz, Noah D. “Sex work/sex act: Law, labor, and desire in constructions of prostitution.” Signs (1997): 277-308
  • Dworkin, Andrea, Edited By, and Christine Stark Rebecca Whisnant. Not For Sale; Feminsts Resisting Prostitution and Pornography. Aakar Books, 2007.
  • Video: youtube

Role of Men- Home Page

  • Video: hulu

Role of Men – Ecofeminist Perspective

  • Verchick, Robert RM. “Feminist theory and environmental justice.” New perspectives on environmental justice: Gender, sexuality, and activism (2004): 63-77.
  • Video: youtube

Role of Men – Radical Feminist Perspective

  • Frye, Marilyn. “The possibility of feminist theory.” Garry and Pearsall (1996): 34-47.
  • Video: youtube

Role of Men – Socialist Feminist Perspective

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  • Ehrenreich, Barbara. What is socialist feminism?. Nationwide Women’s Program, 1976.

Sexuality & Erotics

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  • guide to sexualities:

Sexuality & Erotics: Ecofeminist Perspective

  • Gaard, Greta. “Toward a queer ecofeminism.” Hypatia 12.1 (1997): 114-137.
  • video: youtube

Sexuality & Erotics: Queer Feminist Perspective

  • Frye, Marilyn. “Willful Virgin Essays in Feminism, 1976-1992.” (1992).
  • video: youtube. Channel: buttonpoetry